China’s Sinopec invests $1.5 billion in the construction of a refinery in the port of Sri Lanka

China Petrochemical Corporation is investing $1.5 billion in the construction of an oil refinery in the Sri Lankan port of Hambantota.

02 November 2023
China extracts the first oil from a new field in the South China Sea

CNOOC has announced the start of operation of the Lufeng 12-3 oil field.

26 September 2023
Chinese Sinopec has already bought more than 30 cargoes of liquefied gas for the upcoming winter

Sinopec Corp purchased over 30 liquefied gas cargoes in a tender from October 2023 to late 2024.

20 September 2023
Sinopec has opened a gas field in China’s Sichuan

Sinopec has opened a new field in the district of Bazhong with reserves of more than 30 billion cubic meters of shale gas.

04 September 2023
Chinese technologies to implement in Kyzylorda rgn to increase oil production

Due to the depletion of old oil deposits, the region produces less and less oil every year.

20 August 2023
China completes the world’s largest prismatic tank

It is intended for the new FLNG, which is being built by order of the Italian Eni.

13 August 2023
Yanchang plans to double Russian oil purchases

The state-controlled Chinese Shaanxi Yanchang Petroleum Group is expected to double purchases of the Russian ESPO mixture in 2023.

07 August 2023
Eni acquires Chevron assets in Indonesia

The Italian company Eni signed an agreement with Chevron Corp to acquire a stake in Indonesia Deepwater Development.

25 July 2023
Chinese refineries have turned towards raw materials from Brazil

Brazilian oil will replace Saudi oil in the Chinese market, as the Saudis have raised prices for their raw materials.

17 July 2023
ADNOC and OMV are negotiating to create a petrochemical giant

The merger of the Austrian Borealis and the Emirati Borouge, a joint venture between ADNOC and OMV, is being discussed.

05 July 2023
Indian refineries have started paying for oil supplies from Russia in yuan

It is also reported that Indian companies make part of the payments for Russian oil in dirhams.

03 July 2023
Saudi Aramco and Total Energies will build refineries in the Persian Gulf

Saudi Arabia’s national oil company Saudi Aramco and France’s Total Energies have signed an agreement for $11 billion, which includes the construction of a new petrochemical complex.

25 June 2023
Iraq intends to increase oil production to 6 million b/s

It now stands at 4.43 million b/s.

10 June 2023
The world’s first “marine oil refinery” has been commissioned in China

The M350 vessel is capable of processing up to 220 thousand barrels of crude oil per day.

02 June 2023
China’s Sinopec enters Sri Lanka’s fuel market

Sri Lanka has signed a long-term agreement with Sinopec on the retail sale of fuel.

24 May 2023