A-Energy invests in environmental activities

To increase efficiency of environmental indicators, the Company improves environmental management procedures, increases a number of environmental activities and investments in environmental protection programs.

27 June 2018
A-Energy is engaged in fishery resources replenishing

In 2017, the Company produced and released about several million of juvenile fishes of various species.

18 June 2018
A-Energy put a third well on production

The third well was completed and put on proction within the second stage of the offshore field development.

17 June 2018
A-Energy supports young athletes

At the initiative of the company’s management, a summer football camp for young athletes has been organized.

05 June 2018
A-Energy successfully continued acid fracturing with propant

From January to March 2018, there were 24 operations performed on 14 wells of the fields.

30 May 2018
A-Energy announces recruitment of high school graduates into profession-oriented (physical and mathematical) A-Energy classes, under the corporate online education program “School-University-Enterprise”

Training in “A-Energy-class” is designed for 2 years and provides: in-depth training of schoolchildren in physics and mathematics, necessary for admission to the higher industry educational institutions; introduction to oil production and professions demanded in the oil industry.

15 May 2018
The company held a research to practice conference

The conference was devoted to “Fundamentals of Oil and Gas Business”.

09 May 2018
The integrated Safety and Environmental Management System of A-Energy meets standard international requirements

The company has passed a recertification audit of the integrated management system for compliance with the requirements of international standards ISO 14001:2015 (environmental management) and OHSAS 18001:2007 (occupational health and safety management).

02 May 2018
The Company has celebrated the Investor Day

The event was dedicated to the results of 2017 and to the long-term development strategy of A-Energy.

30 April 2018
A-Energy plans to participate in the service tender in the Gulf of Mexico

A-Energy is preparing for the next round of the Third License Round in Mexico.

25 April 2018
A-Energy has completed the drilling of an ultra deep offshore prospecting well

The depth of the sea at the drilling point is 2111 m. The actual depth of the well is 5268 m.

18 April 2018
A-Energy uses neural networks in exploratory drilling

Specialists of the Scientific and Technical Center of the company together with several industry universities have created a learning program that allows predicting the properties of rocks in new fields.

13 April 2018
The project selection of A-Energy specialists for the annual innovation contest has started

In 2018, the selection is conducted in four directions: “Mobile Driller”, “Digital Supervisor”, “Multi-agent Technologies – Adaptive Drilling Planning” and “Augmented Reality for Construction”.

09 April 2018
A-Energy promotes the development of environmental monitoring systems in the regions of its presence

A-Energy has donated a mobile environmental laboratory to the region.

05 April 2018