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A-Energy Corporation specializes in provision of the following services: isolation squeeze of the wells, cementing of technical and completion strings and packer-type service.

Our specialists are real professionals and have sound experience for addressing a wide range of engineering tasks to provide cementing and engineering support of downhole equipment.

Production complex of the company consists of latest generation cementing fleets equipped with single and dual pump units with automatic feeding of cement slurries.

A-Energy cementing services:

  • Lab solution study under API standards;
  • isolation squeeze;
  • casing cementing;
  • placing of cement plugs;
  • provision of packers with engineering support for fracturing;
  • provision of production trees for fracturing.


  • CHANDLER lab research;
  • preparation of cementing mix;
  • preparation of light cementing slurries;
  • injection of DRILLNET cementing slurries;
  • fracturing without packer lift;
  • equipment engineering support.