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A-Energy Corporation specializes in providing oilfield services: DDM, drilling bits, MWD/LWD telemetering systems, blowout prevention systems and drilling-mud services. Our team of professionals has a vast experience in engineering and technical problem solving and engineering support of well construction.

The Company manufacturing complex includes BOP and PDC, drilling bits, DDM, telemetering systems of international companies.

A-Energy Corporation engineering services:

  • Inclinometry MWD;
  • Inclinometry +MWD gamma +Gamma;
  • Inclinometry +gamma+ MWD+LWD borehole resistivity meter;
  • MWD;
  • Well bore streamlining;
  • Rock mechanical property analysis;
  • Engineering and technical maintenance of MWD/LWD telemetering systems;
  • Drilling mud services;
  • BOP maintenance;
  • DDM selection with best performance;
  • Calculation of drilling shaft complex;
  • Design of bottomhole assembly borehole profiles;
  • Optimization of drilling processes;
  • Selection of optimal drilling bits;
  • PDC drilling bits delivery;
  • Engineering and technical maintenance of drilling bits and DDM;
  • Telemetering equipment delivery.