Oilfield engineering and development

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A-Energy Corporation provides a complete set of exploration, design and expert services for integrated facilities development including gas and gas-condensate fields. Application of modern software products, methods, tools and equipment helps to facilitate project development and successful approval of multivariate projects of any complexity.

A-Energy Corporation always considers environmental and economic aspects in surface facilities construction required for oil and gas exploration and production and their further treatment and delivery by pipeline, autotruck or railway transportation.

A-Energy specialists always demonstrate a high standard of professionalism.

A-Energy Corporation project team implements integrated oil, gas and gas condensate facilities development:

  • Production and injection well construction projects (production and injection well completion design);
  • Oil and gas metering station construction projects (oil and gas metering station completion design and construction);
  • Oil discharge facility completion construction projects (oil discharge facility completion design and construction);
  • Cluster pumping stations and booster compressor stations construction projects (cluster pumping stations and booster compressor stations completion design, CPS and BCS construction);
  • Preliminary water discharge units construction projects (Preliminary water discharge units completion design and construction);
  • Oil treatment plants construction projects (oil treatment plants completion design, OUT construction);
  • Water passages, oil and gas pipelines, gas and oilfields power transmission lines construction and upgrading projects (water passages, oil and gas pipelines, gas and oilfields power transmission lines completion design);
  • Technical and economic feasibility of on-site gas utilization (TEO for on-site gas utilization, TEO for gas and oilfield construction);
  • Technical specification for oil and gas gathering system for oilfield construction;
  • Technical specification for oil loading stations, water, gas and oil treatment stations operation;
  • Oil and gas loss norms calculation;
  • Calculation of gas factor at oil separation stage;
  • Calculation of oil and gas utilization for own process needs for Gas and oilfield development and construction;
  • Well testing projects.