Seismic Survey

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A-Energy is an international innovative company specializing in exploration of oil and gas fields using the most up-to-date developments and achievements of the petroleum industry that ensure high efficiency and short term implementation of the whole cycle of operations from exploration to actual production of oil and gas.

The company has a unique Earth remote sensing technology and uses proprietary multi-zone scanning equipment for aerial surveying. This technology allows for prompt exploration and mapping of oil and gas reservoirs and kimberlitic pipes underlying at various depths and vast areas, and significantly decreases costs of geological surveys and increases their efficiency.

The company also owns an innovative technology of electrical power transmission lines diagnostics (ETL), pipelines monitoring and environmental monitoring. Aerial geological survey interpretation center is also available.



  • Exploration and delineation of hydrocarbon reservoirs;
  • Exploration and delineation of kimberlitic pipes;
  • Monitoring of pipelines;
  • Power transmission lines diagnostics;
  • Aerial geological survey data processing and interpretation.


  • Earth remote sensing technology;
  • Kimberlitic pipes exploration technology;
  • Technology of diagnostics of oil pipelines.