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A-Energy Corporation complies with all international norms and quality standards; everything it does relies on safety of the workforce and the communities around. It cares about the safe management of the environment.

A-Energy uses only allowed drilling methods in its work. Upon the work completion all required curative measures aimed at the recovery of earth natural properties are implemented at the deposits.

We work in more than 70 countries. Where necessary we developed local initiatives related to the environmental safety. We help local population to grasp the importance of nature conservation. By organizing information exchange we attract attention of the local people to environmental protection issues.


Prior to any activity we analyze all factors and all possible consequences which can occur in the future and only upon detailed assessment we can launch our operations. We care about the consequences of our decisions, large and small, on those around us.

A-Energy Corporation comprehends its environmental responsibility and fully supports environmental security. A-Energy also pulls its fair weight to world wildlife funds.