Board of Directors

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Today Board of Directors includes 7 members. Thereby we can consider various opinions, keep interaction efficiency and individual responsibility.

Annual Meeting Attendance Policy

The corporate policy requires all Board members to attend annual General Shareholder Meeting, except force majeure circumstances. In May 2017 the annual General Shareholder Meeting was attended by all members.

Board of Directors provides the Company with strategic guidance in accordance with the requirements provided by the A-Energy articles.

The purpose of the Board of Directors is to determine business priorities for the Company’s activities, to approve the medium-term and long-term development plans, annual investment programs to help in achieving the Company’s objectives on performance of the business activities for profit making, to protect rights and legitimate interests of the shareholders.

Board of Directors appoints board managers, monitors the activity of the sole executive body, determines major principles of and approaches to creating risk management and internal control system within the Company, evaluates results and develops appropriate remuneration policy.