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International innovative company A-Energy specializes in exploration of oil and gas fields using the most up-to-date developments and achievements of the petroleum industry that ensure high efficiency and short term implementation of the whole cycle of operations from exploration to actual production of oil and gas.

The company also owns an innovative technology of 2D, 3D and 3C seismic operations based on impulsive electromagnetic sources that allow for high quality of seismic surveys within short terms and under any conditions without expensive explosive works and in compliance with environmental requirements.

Seismic survey takes a leading position among geophysical methods applied for oil and gas search.

The method is based on the study of propagation in the crust of elastic waves caused by the explosion or blow. Penetrating the geological environment, the waves are reflected and refracted and partially returned to the surface, where they are recorded by a seismic station. The propagation time of the waves and the nature of their vibrations give an indication of the rock composition, the depth and shape of the reflecting geological boundaries.

Ground 2D seismic surveys usually presume a full range of exploration, including the processing and interpretation of the data with recommendations for exploration drilling.

3D seismic land exploration surveys can be performed with three types of sources of seismic signals – blasting, vibration and electromagnetic pulse.


  • performance of 2D, 3D, 4D seismic surveys;
  • development of thermographic base maps.


  • oil and gas exploration technology;
  • technology of application of impulsive energy sources.