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Development of high-tech products

Technological effectiveness of the company is defined by its innovative high-tech products availability. Today A-Energy holds a leading position in technological development of road construction; with new bitumen products it revives aviation fuel market by replacing dangerous brands for eco fuels. It participates in rally-marathons by providing racing car fuel.


High-tech bitumen materials

Bitumen is a traditional material for road construction. Today, due to the increasing demand to the quality and life-time of roadways, innovative materials are widely used. These are polymer-bitumen binders based on road bitumen with polymers and plastifiers.

Polymer-bitumen binders compared to conventional viscous bitumen have enhance resistance to deformation under high and low temperatures, better endurance level to traffic capacity and aging.

65 % reduced expenses for road maintenance when replacing conventional bitumen, polymer-bitumen binders

The use of polymer-bitumen binders in the upper layer of asphalt coating extends the life of roads from 2 to 4 years provided by ordinary bitumen, up to 8-12 years.

Eco aviation fuel

General aviation park used this type of fuel is steadily growing and upgrading. The bulk of imported fuel for piston aircraft engines are leaded blends with toxical tetraethyllead, which improves gasoline characteristics.

A-Energy specialists together with the scientists from Oil refining research institute successfully developed lead-free jet fuel with the octane number 91. According to its properties it is in full compliance with the international standards.


Unique synthetic oils, developed with implementation of innovative molecular technologies to promote engines to a new level of protection, reliability and efficiency.

The experience of the international team of scientists, design features of modern engines formed the basis for A-Energy oils line development. Each A-Energy oil line has its own are of specialization and enhanced properties, which are achieved due to the unique molecular compounds and are proved on engines of different car manufacturers. New advanced technology applied in A-Energy oils, has incredible molecular strength, ensuring the engine parts unprecedented protection.

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