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A-Energy Corporation has many investment-attractive projects. The Group is well-known at the market as a reliable strategic partner.

A-Energy divisions provide geological exploration and oil and gas production services; geochemistry and seismic survey; well drilling of any complexity; engineering; cementing; energy; ETL diagnostics; engineering design and development of deposits; engineering and construction of pipelines. We have hundreds of international projects and operate in more than 70 countries. A-Energy Corporation includes A-Energy Invest Investment Company.

Activities related to the prospecting, exploration and production is well structured. It is very important to follow the production program, timely complete the required amount of research, drilling, preventive maintenance and other works. The process interruption can lead to significant losses and long-last consequences.


To implement long-term development of oil-producing complex it is important to increase the company’s raw material base. It is necessary to conduct geological exploration work in new areas and stratigraphic horizons using equipment and technologies for tight oil development to enhance oil recovery. A-Energy has the most advanced fleet of drilling and seismic equipment, which provides efficient and effective development of new wells. The Company performs on-going modernization of the equipment.

We use the most advanced technologies in our work. A-Energy specialists, from top managers to drill foremen, have extensive experience and constantly update their knowledge and skills at advanced training courses. The Company keeps up with the times. We monitor new trends in oil and gas industry and power sector and apply them in our work. We have our own patent products successfully used by Group partners.

Innovative development of national oil and gas industry largely depends on the investment volume in highly innovative projects focused on development of raw material base, new techniques and technologies that increase the degree of hydrocarbons extraction, reliability of oil and gas processing and oil and gas pipeline network.