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To ignore the world situation and not to depend on crisis phenomena at the oilfield service market it is necessary to constantly head for development. This is one of the most rapidly changing areas, which constantly creates something new, conducts researches and testing, and where millions of dollars are paid for implementation of new ideas.

Drilling of several horizontal wells at the same time is a good example as 10 years ago it seemed to be unrealistic. Today it is a reality at the deposits.

Such well allows production in several holes with little place on the surface. It helps to reduce production and further maintenance costs and improves overall production of the company.

Continuous upgrading is observed in hydraulic fracturing. Today multi-zone fracturing is widely used. It helps to cover bigger area, intensify oil flow and significantly increase production.

Polymer materials, which do not need further wash out from the layer, are widely used. They are environmentally friendly and simply dissolve under rock pressure and temperature.

The desire of the world company leaders to stay at the market even in difficult economic situation encourages oil service market. Oil and gas production companies get to a new level and they need innovative methods for construction and well development, which are actively promoted in the sector.

According to the specialists, a number of drilling units is growing; they are upgraded and renewed.

If there is a demand, there will an offer.

Under crises conditions oil service companies do not want to reduce prices for the conducted operations and do not feel any pressure as decline in hydrocarbon production has not been fixed.

In fact, oil service market does not feel the impact of the crises. The industry development pace shows it stability.

According to the leading experts, such situation will remain till worthy alternative energy sources are found. Of course, they exist but are little used to speak about full replacement of oil market.