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It is obvious that the demand for oil is growing every day. It’s hard enough to provide well-coordinated work of industrial production chains without this flammable liquid. Undoubtedly, oil extraction and processing is an investment in the future that will never lead to financial losses.

Oil is more valuable than gold and many precious metals. It has its specific smell and has different shades. Many scientists spent years on exploring its composition. Oil is not only fuel, but also a source of chemical raw materials.

It is the most valuable “black gold”, which refers to the class of caustobioliths. With regard to chemical composition, oil has much in common with coal, because its main component is carbon.

According to scientific research, the process of “black gold” formation dated by millions years. Many experts refer to the biogenic theory. They claim that oil was formed from the remnants of various microorganisms, which primarily lived in water basins of the planet, more specifically in shallow water. Over the years they died out and formed layers of organic substances. Under the action of temperature and other factors they were transformed into hydrocarbons.

World oil reserves are concentrated in many parts of our big planet. Rich flammable liquid regions are located in Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Mexico, China, Iraq and Iran, Venezuela and in other parts of the world. Oil reserves are immense. It is no coincidence that it is the foundation of the world leading countries’ economies, well-being and development of which directly depend on the oil extraction and sale.

What is made of oil?

As a result of the initial processing the following products are made:

Jet Fuel

Residual oil




Liquefied gas

In addition, such lubricants as hydraulic and insulating oils are made of the flammable liquid.

A concentrate which remains after distillation of “black gold”, is used for road construction or coatings production.

As a result of recycling, various fertilizers, wax, plastics, detergents, tires, rubber, polymeric films are produced.

It is worth noting that coke, which is used in the metallurgy sector and in the production of electrodes, is made of the waste petroleum products.