Drilling and Well injection

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A-Energy significantly increased a number of high-tech wells (horizontal, multi-lateral wells, fractured wells) due to application of new drilling technologies. High technological wells reached more than 42% of all drilled wells in 2016, which is the best ratio for oil and gas industry. Scientific and Research Center includes Drilling Service Unit for the first line engineering support of drilling processes at all fields. It provides on-going control of most complex wells drilling and makes on-line decisions for project correction considering the incoming data from the fields.

Under «Drilling technologies and borehole repair» program several projects, aimed at drilling efficiency enhancement and improvement of new well productivity, are implemented.

A-Energy carried out a multi-stage formation hydraulic fracturing in a horizontal well. The operation was performed in traditional reservoirs in the well with uncontrollable layout. Implementation of new repeated multifrac technology included 4D geomechanical modeling of the field in the area of operation. It helped to predict the effect of current development stage on new formation hydraulic fracturing and to create optimal FHF design based on the received model, for the first time in oil and gas industry.

A-Energy also tested new drill fluids. Their usage considerably enhanced drilling efficiency of complex wells with extended clay sections due to the unique drill fluid composition which reduces clay swelling. During the tests 24% reduction of drilling mud fluid was reached, thereby reducing the costs for disposal of drilling waste.